DMC Affiliate Consulting

What is Affiliate Marketing?

1. A consumer visits an affiliate's website (for example a shopping portal or directory)
2. The customer finds a product (or retailer) and clicks the link to be taken to the merchant's site to review or purchase (this click-through stores a network cookie on their PC). *
3. The customer completes the sale online. Tracking software records the key purchase data such as sale amount, IP, date and time, etc and reports this to the Affiliate Network. The merchant is able to allow a period of 'grace' to consider the sale complete and pays commission due to the affiliate for sales generated.
4. The merchant sends a sales file which includes the sale amount, date and time to the Affiliate Network

* This cookie lasts for a predetermined period set by the merchant allowing any sale to be attributed to the referring affiliate as long as the unique visitor completes a transaction within this cookie period.